A for Apple - B for Brilliant

Smart Flashcards Set for 3 to 6 year olds

3 Games 10 Levels 300 Activities

Learn Alphabet ,Animals and Count with Nori Cards

Just place your Phone on Nori Dock and Choose the game

Nori on Screen will ask child a question and you need to place the Nori Card

Get instant results from Nori

Nori is your child’s friend

All Inclusive Learning Kit

The Kit comes with all the learning material like books, cards, mobile dock and app.

Only a Phone is required.

How Nori Works

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When you buy a one time buy, you get the starter kit and the entire set of learning material in one package.
In the 6 month subscription package you get
Starter Kit
18 Workbooks


Yes you can Mirror your App on TV. Depending on your TV and Device (Firestick, Roku, Chrome Cast) you can either use any 3rd Party app or follow the mirroring instructions that come with your TV/Device.



We would love to help you out. Please email us at hi@mytutornori.com or WhatAapp us at +91-8383970686 and we will hand hold you as well as help you expense it to your organization.



NORI respects user privacy and doesnot save any recordings. The phone camera continuously detects only the writing area of the workbooks and performs actions. It does not store or transmit any photos or videos.

We comply with all international privacy and child safety laws. 

Activity flashcards for kids are a very popular way to teach kids. While it’s easiest to just buy good quality flash cards online, incase you are in a country where flashcards are not available or can’t find exactly what you are looking for, you can find printable flashcards for toddlers on our free printables page. There you can learn how to make flash cards for kids by downloading the free printable flashcards with pictures pdf or the  flashcards for kids pdf, both are good.  We even have a free download. of flashcards for toddlers and flashcards for babies. 

Hope you like our activity flashcards for 4 year olds and activity flashcards for 5 year olds.

Activity flashcards help kids learn in a more fun and engaged way. Kids need lots of different things to keep them excited and get bored of books very easily. By giving them interactive flash cards we can ensure they get sufficient brain development activities and build logic skills. NORI flash cards for kids are interactive, durable and write and wipe which work with most sketchpens and can be cleaned with a dry cloth as an eraser. These durable flash cards help kids develop problem solving skills, logical thinking and brain development. They also help kids increase attention span, build memory and increase numeracy, literacy and STEM concepts. 

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