Smart Flashcards for 2.5-4.5 yrs


Smart Learning Kit for 2.5-4.5 year olds to build vocabulary, logic and memory



  • PRESCHOOL LEARNING PACK: Increase memory, recognition, numeracy, literacy and logical thinking while playing with animals, letters and numbers.
  • Pre-K Interactive Smart Flash Cards set for Age 3-5 years for Pre School kids- Early Learning. 3 games, 10 Levels, 300 Activities Letters, Numbers, Animals. Nori smart flash cards are smarter way to learn Numeracy, Literacy, Spatial and STEM Skills. Nori keeps the children motivated to get better every time. With Nori Cards – get hours and hours of fun learning, day after day!. . Requires iPhone
  • 3 Games ,10 Levels, 300 Activities– Pre – K Interactive smart Flash Card set for Kids age 3- 5 years. Nori – your child’s personal audio bot gives Real time feedback and rewards every time your child Plays with the Cards. Iphone and Internet are required to play and learn.
  • All Inclusive Kit Contains: 3 Cards Set (Subjects (Letters,Count,Animals), Tutor Mobile Dock, Tutor Mat and Instructional Manual. iPhone and Internet is required by the user.Nori App Needs to be downloaded from the app store to Operate

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