Smart Workbooks for Kids


NORI Smart Worksheets come with an app and help make learning time more fun, interactive and gamified. It gives instant audio and visual feedback as kids solve worksheets and learning activities.


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  • BLENDED LEARNING AND PLAY – a magical mix paper, pen & AI . Kids get instant audio and visual feedback as they solve learning activities in the workbooks. The Nori app detects the right answer and rewards the child which keeps the child motivated to play and learn more.
  • AUTO CHECK AND REUSABLE : 150 reusable & interactive worksheets that Improve Literacy, Memory, Logic & Brain Development through Alphabet and Letters. With write and erase markers – kids can attempt the questions multiple times. Kids never run out of milk.
  • GAME BASED LEARNING  : Kids love Solving the Nori worksheets as they earn Nori Coins for every right answer. Enough Coins unlocks edu games keeping kids motivated to solve more.  Worksheet Activities include – tracing,mix and match, circle the option,Hands on Interaction and kids movement etc
  • FOR KIDS AGE 3-10 YEARS : Age appropriate Pre – K learning activities help preschool children practice and learn Alphabet (A-Z) and Letters with gamifed worksheets. Part of the NORI  Preschool learning toy for 3+ years interactive Educational Toys.
  • INCLUDES: Magnetic Mobile Stand, 3 Nori Pre K workbooks of 50 reusable activities each for age 3-4 years, 3 Erase and write Marker Pens, Free Nori App, Nori Mat, Magnetic Stickers for Phone, Backpack and edu games. With zero frustration  and easy to pack preK learning material –  travel with Nori books anywhere on earth

Toddler Flash Cards, Pre K (3.5-4.5 yrs), Kindergarten (4.5 -6 yrs), Grade 1 (6-7 yrs)

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